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Grand chase has closed but I want to make a few lasting memories, I have a computer again so I can answer questions.
Ask away~!

:iconask--mari: "I will answer anything, Sad, embarrassing, or anything general, I will not turn down any questions"
z'm so sad to leave, but I can't manage :iconask--mari: anymore, as a big fan of grand chase, I took a big hit not being able to play grand chase to the point if I saw anything grand chase related, my stomach would twist from anxiety because I miss it so much. So leaving Mari will be the best choice for me until I come back, but its I want to ask if anyone wanted to take control of Mari, she is now open!
If you want to control this account ask Dianoka or make another Mari acc

I'm going to be gone from everything
I'm starting fresh on other sites
Farewell... and thank you... [please read] by Ask--Mari
Farewell... and thank you... [please read] by Ask--Mari
Farewell... and thank you... [please read]
Ooc: A sad sad decision has been decided. I can't manage :iconask--mari: anymore...
Mostly because I still don't have a computer, and when I come and see grnd chase in my feed I get really depressed that I can't play. I know its childish but I feel I got left behind, its gotten too difficult to chat on Skype on my phone so I uninstalled the app
I decided to have a fresh start again on art, and I feel I made a good decision, I'm mostly occupying all my energy to instagram, line play, and paigeeworld
I miss you so much, the ask-the-chase community has become the closest friends I ever had
If I do come back, wouldn't it be pretty neat if Mari comes back as geas with the soul stone now in her forehead? Aheheh.
I really want to keep contact with everyone, I know once I get a computer I will surely be back, although I have no idea how long that will be...

You can note :icondianoka: my main account if you want to manage Mari, or someone can make a new ask Mari

I would love to stay in contact!! I'm mostly on instagram nowadays, so its easier to reach me there. Its @ Tsundere_Artist :iconronanotlplz:
I know most of you have tumblr, its rare for me to be on but I still check my messages: Midi-tan

I really love this account although I feel I grew out of roleplay, and its not fun like how it used to, but when I'm here I feel different and can roleplay for days!
I'm gonna miss you all! Bye bye~


Ask--Mari's Profile Picture
Mari Ming Onette
United States
Greeting everyone....
My name is Mari Ming Onette, I was the last survivor of Kounat. Some of my memory has been lost during the incident. I enjoy learning new rune spells when I have the chance. I hate coming across the ordinary... The only reason I joined the chase was because my curiosity of highlander's skill in combat.

That is all.....

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beginernew Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
umm GC server in INGC shut down… and not sure what GC was this I'm playing now… there are 3 servers Gaikoz, Gorgos, Gardosen… dialouge is English even players use english… Veigas is released & GC season 5… I also saw AskDAChase guild made by Deehoe… so I'm playing NAGC?
ImMewtwo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Sounds about right.
Ask-Jin Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
dang that comment stalker stamp
see Jin I told you she's everywhere

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//You see a Mini Sieg running around with bubbles around his waist and Sieghart chasing him with a towel. What do you do?
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or C. Take him and Hide him from Sieghart?//

-runs- "Oh Hi Big Mari" >w<
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I can really get used to this body.

Oh and happy birthday, Miss Mari.
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Happy Birthday Miss Mari!~ ^w^
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